Conservation groups call for more protection for rays as well as sharks in new 10-year strategy

15. Februar 2016

A group of experts from international conservation organizations is announcing a new strategy for combating the decline of sharks and closely related rays, while warning that the rays are even more threatened and less protected than the higher profile sharks.

The call for greater inclusion of rays in conservation action plans is part of Global Priorities for Conserving Sharks and Rays: A 2015-2025 Strategy (PDF, 4.5 MB), released today in conjunction with a Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) meeting on shark conservation currently underway in San José, Costa Rica.



22 Hai- und Rochenarten sollen besser geschützt werden

19. Februar 2016

Der Große Hammerhai, der Riesenmanta und 20 weitere Arten sollen weniger stark bejagt werden. Das vereinbarten rund 40 Länder und die EU zwar nur freiwillig - es gibt aber dennoch Hoffnung.

Künftig sollen 22 Hai- und Rochenarten besser geschützt werden. Dazu zählen unter anderem der Große Hammerhai, der Riesenmanta, der Riffmanta, drei Arten von Fuchshaien und fünf Arten von Sägerochen.



Nine Out of Ten Shark Scientists Agree: Sustainable Shark Fishing Is Fine

16. Februar 2016

Researchers worry extreme voices in the conservation community may be overshadowing an evidence-based approach

A new survey of shark and ray researchers takes a bite out of the popular belief that shark fishing and the shark fin trade should be banned. As it turns out, a large majority of shark experts believe that sustainable fisheries are not only possible, they are actually preferable to protecting sharks with sanctuaries or outright bans on fishing.



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